Agile Subway Map - Richard S

Who knew that there was a Subway (Tube) map of the various Agile practices. Lobs grenade and ducks for cover

Retrospectives and Appreciation- Richard S

We didn't want another minute to go by without giving you a chance to top up your retro-mojo.

Hasura - An instant GraphQL API on Postgres - Elena T

I love me a well documented tool that you can play around with right away. Docs here:

Main page here:

A fun teardown of an iPhone X counterfeit - Elena T

I love the attention to detail put into this. It's even got its own (real!) IMEI number and face recognition (ish!). The notch at the top is re-created by software.

Disclaimer: like any good counterfeit, it has backdoors and malicious code. Even so, I would still definitely like to try one for myself.

Work less, get more: New Zealand firm's four-day week an 'unmitigated success' - Elena T

Work-life balance makes more progress, this time in New Zealand.

Track of the Week - Dawn T

We're going back in time this week as a result of my recent Netflix Mad Men binge in the coolness of my dark living room (I don't like hot weather). They wrote some good tunes back then, including this one.. enjoy!

Patti Page - Old Cape Cod