Proxy address - Lawrence R

Proxy address utilises unused addresses to provide those facing homelessness the ability to register for vital services which all require a permanent stable address. Utilising Royal Mail's redirect service means even if you keep moving, the proxy address stays the same.

A guide to how to delete your Facebook account - Elena T

If you were looking for a guide on this, here it is!

How Amazon's Bottomless Appetite Became Corporate America's Nightmare- Elena T

Amazon is among the world's most valuable companies, but nobody understands what it is. This might be good or bad, but probably bad.

The population bomb has been defused - Elena T

Some good news. Bonus: they're true.

How I Built a Profitable Slack Bot as a Side Project in Rails - Elena T

A Slack bot that makes money. Neat!

10x DevelopersTeams - Murray S

The 10x developer is a pernicious myth in technology. That one majestic being that can produce code at ten times the rate of other developers. Even if such a person exists on your team it's not a great idea to rely on one team member above all others. This article explores some ways that you can be a 10x developer, not by extreme solo efforts, but by helping the rest of your team grow to be ten times as effective.

Track of the Week - Henry T

“Electronic-y jazz”. It doesn't sound as bad as it sounds.

New Music from ‘Art In The Age Of Automation’ - Portico Quartet