Experience Counts - Richard S


If you are hiring juniors and looking for ways to accelerate their learning, as we are, Monica provides some great insights. However, we always have test coverage even when we are working with start-ups and building MVPs - it's just quicker in the medium term.

We fired our top talent - David H


This is an article about how to isolate yourself from the rest of your team. I have done some of the things Rick did in the past and may even still do some of them today. Hopefully we can all learn something from Rick's mistakes.

'White is not a color' - An interview with author and psychoanalyst Grada Kilomba - Igor S F


The following interview with Dr. Grada Kilomba, author of "Plantation Memories – Episodes of Every Day Racism" was first published by The African Times, the interview was conducted by Stefanie Hirsbrunner. Grada Kilomba's roots are in São Tomé e Príncipe and Portugal. Her main interest of research is racism. Kilomba's seminar at the Free University in Berlin had to be moved to one of the biggest lectures halls because so many students wanted to attend.

Why do all websites look the same? Boris D


Coming from a graphic design background myself, I share some of the frustrations of my German namesake with the state of the web today. It'll be interesting to see how things evolve over the next decade and whether we might see a resurgence of more creative approaches to web design that were so popular in the late 90s and early 2000s.