- Elena T

I'm probably a bit late to the game, but I've discovered the lovely Jessie Frazelle only recently. Among other things, she's known as an open source maintainer, a skilled hacker and her Twitter profile is pretty fun. One of her projects is, a game meant to teach you about security in the world of containers.

Deeplearn.JS - Charlie E

This is quite fun to play around with if it doesn't kill your browser, laptop and entire family in the process. Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.

Why the open web is important - Murray S

This is a fun article about trying to automate the process of getting tickets to see Taylor Swift. What stood out to me though is that all of the things Amy does are only possible because the web is open, and by "right-click;view-source"-ing we're able to see everything that's going on. More importantly, we're able to fiddle around with what's going on and change it. It supports curiousity driven development, and long may that continue!

The Coming Software Apocalypse - Elena T

Software is taking over from electromechanical systems, but it's not being held to the same quality testing standards as the systems its replacing. "When we had electromechanical systems, we used to be able to test them exhaustively" A group of developers believes this is a sign that we are slowly heading toward a software apocalypse where carelessness in writing code will mean the death of more and more people. So they propose some measures we can take to write more sustainable code.

Track of the Week - Boris D

I saw The National perform live a week ago and really enjoy it. They've been on my radar for a while, but I haven't heard their latest album before. The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness was one of the highlights of the concert and has earned a permanent place on my Spotify playlist!

The National - The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness