Wednesday 18th February saw the Digital Healthcare Roundtable Session take place at Unboxed Consulting.


The session brought together a handpicked and diverse group of healthcare experts and leaders, with the aim to start a revolution in digital healthcare. Ideas were explored and exchanged about how we can do more to improve public health with digital technology, in this one-off discussion.

Martyn Evans and Carrie Bedingfield both attended from Unboxed Consulting, with Carrie chairing the session.


With everyone comfortably seated, the discussion was opened, addressing the initial questions:

  • Why is healthcare still so clunky?
  • How can we dramatically improve the patient experience and the patient outcomes using the power of technology?

The session's three speakers each presented:

Presenter 1: Kumar Jacob MBE, Principal Consultant at KJx

Kumar is currently leading an initiative to bring to life the innovative use of technology in mental healthcare.

Presenter 2: Thomas Whicher, Co-Founder at DrDoctor

With a background in operational improvement, Tom worked in several hospitals delivering multimillion-pound savings, before setting up DrDoctor.

Presenter 3: Ian Drysdale, CTO at GoodGym

As CTO of GoodGym, Ian is using software and design to address problems associated with ageing.

With the presentations wrapped up, the session then moved on, gathering ideas for the following discussion topics, with each topic voted being on:


The four most popular topics were then identified and brought to the group discussion:


Discussion 1: Scale

  • Planning to scale from the start
  • How do you create value from the start for patients?
  • Scale and risk
  • Is it hard to achieve scale?

Discussion 2: Creating space for investigation

  • Encouraging ideas and solutions to develop
  • Incubating ideas and solutions
  • Changing the way in which we bring ideas forward

Discussion 3: Sharing platforms

  • Generic platforms vs. customer-built platforms
  • Shared infrastructure
  • Working together reusing infrastructure
  • Code share

Discussion 4: Immediate measurable value

  • How do we measure value?
  • How do we deliver value quickly to patients and providers?
  • Reducing the data to convince commissioners of value

With the final discussion done, this exciting, energetic session came to a close. We had achieved our goal: to deliberately set up a whole load of conversations that were unfinished on the day, sparking ongoing conversation.

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