We’re working on an internal project named ‘Promenade’ — a digital application for non-urgent patients to remotely track their conditions, such as arthritis, away from hospital. Find out more about the project here.

Through a series of holidays and team members moving to other projects, we’re down to a much smaller team this week, but we’ve still managed to get quite a fair few number of user stories through to “done”.

Last Week

  • We set up the infrastructure for sending email reminders for patients
  • We finished the clinician login
  • We added a table to the home screen so patients can see all their PROM scores over time
  • We experimented with designing different ways patients could be filling in their PROMs. Radio buttons? Sliders?

This week

  • We had a really positive retrospective of the last two weeks. The “glad” column had far more virtual post its in it than the “sad” or “mad” columns.
  • We’ve been working on setting up the patient’s preference pages so that they can choose how their information is shared with clinicians, and whether they want to receive reminders to fill in PROMs.
  • We’ve also implemented a clinician view page, which shows them all the patients that have given their consent to have their information shared. More design work has also been done on this, with a special focus on how we might visualise the data with graphs.

What we're thinking about

  • The project is in a good place, and so we can begin to think about how we might implement multiple PROMs on the system in all earnestness. Naturally we’ve set up the technology to allow for this, but now comes the exciting part where we think about designs and what it would look like in reality.
  • There’s also been some discussion around testing. It’s been great to see how far the new joiners have come in this. From never having written them to now working out in planning what sort of tests we’ll need to write. But I still think sometimes it shocks them how many more tests we ask them to implement.