Here at Unboxed, we’ve been working on an internal project named ‘Promenade’ — a digital application to remotely monitor non-urgent patients with conditions, such as arthritis, away from hospital.

Our project vision:

For people with stable long-term conditions, such as Psoriatic Arthritis, who wish to routinely share the status of their overall health with a secondary care provider, without having to visit the hospital, Promenade is an online tool that allows them to regularly capture relevant information, including multiple sets of “PROM” data, and make it available to selected clinicians.

Here’s a more in-depth explanation of the project and why we’ve chosen this area of focus.

This is our second week working on the project, as a fully remote team, which includes three new Unboxed joiners who are fairly new to coding.

This week

  • We’ve been working on a chunky user story that allows patients to fill in a Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROM) form, the cornerstone of the whole application. We’ve been doing this by mob programming, pair programming, and some alone coding time. Each approach comes with its own pros and cons, and so we’re working on defining which combination works best for the team.
  • One of our more senior developers, Pudim, has been working with our new joiners on areas including the Model View Controller architecture and test driven development.
  • Lawrence, the designer on the team, has created some prototypes that are looking towards the future. While we’re not quite ready to implement them yet, it’s a good exercise to think about where this project could go further down the line.
  • Our second Show & Tell on Friday afternoon went really well. It was a really great opportunity to reflect on how far we’ve come and to share what we’ve found difficult, and, of course, get helpful tips and feedback from different pairs of eyes from the wider team.

What we’re thinking about

  • The big eternal question — how best to manage work on a large remote team? Where are the blockers? How do we remove them? How much mob programming is too much?
  • Finding the right balance between taking time to learn and getting user stories through to 'done'.

Next week

  • Finish the user story for enabling patients to fill in PROMs
  • Begin implementing a user story about email reminders for patients to fill out their PROMs

If you’d like to follow progress on project Promenade, or even provide some input to the process, please get in touch for a conversation: