Are coders worth it?

An interesting article which questions the value of the work we do.

Wrapping up a C Library for Ruby. It's actually pretty easy!

Another blog post about writing a ruby wrapper for a c library.

The Race For Speed Part 1

The first in a series of articles about the history of javascript engines and how javascript compilers work.

Rails Girls London (21-22 June 2013)

Rails Girls is returning to London, they're still looking for participants and volunteers.

Method from the future! (Hash#transform_keys)

In rails 4 the transform_keys method will be at your disposal. It works in the same way as stringify_keys or symbolize_keys, but takes a block as an argument. It allows you to specify how you would like to format your keys.

hash = {foo: 'one', bar: 'two', baz: 'three'}
hash.transform_keys do |key|
 => {"Foo"=>"one", "Bar"=>"two", "Baz"=>"three"}