Blog / Pre Summer Dev Newsletter (2 weeks to go)

Seb Jacobs
June 7, 2013

Are coders worth it?

An interesting article which questions the value of the work we do.

Wrapping up a C Library for Ruby. It’s actually pretty easy!

Another blog post about writing a ruby wrapper for a c library.

The Race For Speed Part 1

The first in a series of articles about the history of javascript engines and how javascript compilers work.

Rails Girls London (21-22 June 2013)

Rails Girls is returning to London, they’re still looking for participants and volunteers.

Method from the future! (Hash#transform_keys)

In rails 4 the transform_keys method will be at your disposal. It works in the same way as stringify_keys or symbolize_keys, but takes a block as an argument. It allows you to specify how you would like to format your keys.

hash = {foo: 'one', bar: 'two', baz: 'three'}
hash.transform_keys do |key|
 => {"Foo"=>"one", "Bar"=>"two", "Baz"=>"three"}