Rethinking the default rails testing conventions

Leo says: "Basically, what I've done for the last year or so (only with fewer *_helper.rb files). Testing in isolation doesn't have to be painful."

50 favourite Web Development Resources from 2012 (Matt P)

Where Matt P discovers a helpful feature in his obscure editor

"Even after using vim for more than a decade, I still often learn more things about it. Today's discovery is the command gf which opens the file under the cursor."

Discoveries from one person's investigation of using Ruby's GC::Profiler: (Matt P)

tl;dr Caution!

Conflicting views on preventing fat models (Jolyon in Devs room)

About this Mayan calendar non-sense:

Shenanigans with Ruby and utf8 whitespace characters (MattP)

An Interactive Guide To The Fourier Transform

Pretty and insightful way to explain them, to relive those days of finally thinking you understand something complex (then promptly forgetting again of course)

Steve's wodge

Happy Solstice!