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Promenade: Weeknotes #2
May 1, 2020
Here at Unboxed, we’ve been working on an internal project named ‘Promenade’ — a digital application to remotely monitor non-urgent patients with conditions, such as arthritis, away from hospital. Our project vision: For people with stable long...
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Tech roundup: Living liquid sculptures, flat-pack genius and more
April 30, 2020
We keep an eye on the latest technology developments so you don’t have to. Here are some of the things we’ve spotted recently that are changing our world for the better — or at least, helping us raise a smile in challenging times. Choose your d...
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How we’re making it easier to assess planning applications and why ...
April 29, 2020
When it comes to the UK planning system there are many problems to solve. It’s fair to say that very few people, possibly nobody, enjoys applying for planning permission. Navigating a myriad of guidance to determine whether or not you need to app...
Tech roundup: Virtual reality and self-generating tyres
April 16, 2020

We keep an eye on the latest technology developments so you don’t have to. Here are some of the things we’ve spotted recently that are changing our world for the better - or at least, helping us raise a smile in challenging times. Harvesting he...

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The future planning system for local authorities
April 15, 2020
Planning teams and departments across UK local authorities are currently experiencing a sector-wide problem: the back-office systems being used to process planning applications aren’t meeting the needs of the planning officers that need them to do...
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Promenade: Using Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) to keep ...
April 14, 2020
Early last year, Unboxed worked with the rheumatology team and patients at Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust to launch a new digital service supporting patients with long-term conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Our hypothesis was t...
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Welcome to the team: Claudia Hopkins
April 14, 2020
Hi, I’m Claudia Hopkins and I’m a designer. I am very excited to join Unboxed and work on a breadth of projects! Before coming to Unboxed, I was an interaction designer at Public Health England Digital and have mainly focused on healthcare des...
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The hyacinths are blooming and there’s no-one to smell them: Remote...
April 8, 2020
The Unboxed team has been remotely working for three weeks now, and at the end of the second week of lock down, as I write this. The last time some of us were in the office, the hyacinths that were brought to cheer us all into spring were just a...
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Welcome to the team: Rhian Lewis
March 31, 2020
Hi, I’m Rhian Lewis (Twitter: @rhian_is), and I’m really happy that I’ve joined Unboxed as a developer. Although I’ve been working in technology for ten years now (I made a mid-career switch after many years in journalism), I’m still massively en...
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Launched: An online presence for a new unitary authority, Buckingha...
January 30, 2020
Since October, Unboxed has been working with Buckinghamshire Council, Torchbox and Scroll to create an online presence for Buckinghamshire Council — a new unitary authority, replacing five existing authorities, due to launch on 1st April 2020. As...
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Welcome to the team: Michelle Isme
January 28, 2020
Hello, I’m Michelle Isme — the newest Unboxed joiner and latest member of the growing design team. I’ve been working “in digital” for the last 14 years, branching out from digital comms and campaigning jobs to more product and UX-focused roles ...
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The benefits of a co-design workshop
January 13, 2020
As a core method of primary user research, co-design is a collaborative and creative process of working with your users and stakeholders in the design process to begin taking the first steps to consolidating user insights within the team and valid...
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Identifying and prioritising project risks
January 6, 2020
Identifying, understanding and prioritising key risks is a core part of any project. No matter what you and your team are looking to achieve, there is always a level of risk involved on the journey reaching your goal. To ensure success, it’s imp...
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Unboxed eats: wellbeing, the positive power of food and eating toge...
December 16, 2019
Working adults spend around one third of their waking hours at work and, as such, our workplaces should be well-placed to provide an opportunity to improve our wellbeing, both mental and physical. Increasingly, employers and companies are switchi...
Article image wins best ‘Electric Experience’ at TRANStech Awards 2019
December 10, 2019
For the last three years, Unboxed has been working towards solving a big problem: people wanting to make the shift to electric vehicles, but being unable to charge near their homes. A third of UK households have no off-street parking, a figure th...
Roundup: Database migrations, 40 years as a female programmer and t...
December 6, 2019
Roundup: Ruby memory usage, boasting is bad, and the state of the D...
November 22, 2019
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Discovering user needs for Cancer Data with the Public Health Engla...
October 25, 2019
Last week we held our first show and tell with Public Health England’s National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service (NCRAS). NCRAS do an amazing job, aggregating data of every cancer case across the NHS and the patient’s subsequent health his...
Roundup: Ken Thompson's password
October 11, 2019
Roundup: SQL queries don't start with select
October 4, 2019
Roundup: Regex crossword and code review at Google
September 6, 2019
Roundup: Mentoring developers, first serves, and the story of us
August 30, 2019
Roundup: Interactive tutorial on leveraging SSRF
August 23, 2019
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Wellbeing at Unboxed
August 13, 2019
Over the last few months, wellbeing at work has been a hot topic of conversation across the Unboxed team, prompted by discussion during our March company-wide retrospective. Wellbeing in the workplace is increasingly recognised as a key factor in...
Roundup: a tool for taking notes
August 9, 2019
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Designing and testing for product and service accessibility
August 5, 2019
One of our core values at Unboxed is making the products and services that we’re creating simple and intuitive for everyone to access and use. From visiting places, including the GDS Empathy Lab, and testing with accessibility users, this post de...
Roundup: Optimising SQL queries and fast software, the best software
August 2, 2019
Roundup: accelerating learning, isolating yourself, Grada Kilomba a...
July 26, 2019
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Women of Silicon Roundabout
July 4, 2019
The Women of Silicon Roundabout conference took place on the 25th and 26th of June. It’s a conference generally aimed at women in tech, which features a variety of talks both about technology as well as broader topics such as diversity and inclusi...
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A user research guide for teams new to user-centred design
July 4, 2019
Unboxed was recently invited to attend and contribute to an insightful roundtable discussion, organised by HACT (Housing Associations’ Charitable Trust) and the Chartered Institute of Housing. This session focused on why digital transformat...
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