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June 7, 2012
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May 24, 2012
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May 17, 2012
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May 10, 2012
Code maintainability - is it a test thing?
April 25, 2012

It has come to my attention of late that there is some clear separation in the testing world about how we write our tests and the level they are written at.  In this separation I see 2 groups of people: - The first group enjoy testing thei...

Tackling the unknown with subdivision
April 13, 2012

I discovered Travis CI the other day. It’s a distributed platform providing web-based continuous integration for your projects. Erm… right? In simpler terms; Travis tests your projects against a wide variety of setups. It monito...

Gemnastics with ActiveRecord
March 11, 2012

Recently, I’ve been building gems in an attempt to get some content out into the open-source community and learn a thing or two along the way. There was one in particular that gave rise to some interesting challenges. The bulk of the gem ...

How do I make my Agile Team more self-organising?
March 2, 2012

@sleepyfox asks: “I’m having trouble with my Agile team, how do I make them more self-organising?” Dear sleepyfox, You will struggle to “make” a self organising Team due to the very nature of the dynamic- how...

Agile Answers
February 22, 2012

About a week ago, I was chatting to one of my friends about his new job. He seemed to be happy, he has a great Team, a friendly and supportive manager, a nice office - overall he was very positive, with the exception of one little niggle. When he ...

Forcing Facebook to Update Your Site's Metadata
February 15, 2012

Recently we launched a new site for one of our customers: Up until the launch date we had been re-directing the URL to a different site. The only problem was that the page had a ‘like’ button on it, a...

Scrum not only in projects
December 5, 2011

When you work for one of London’s leading Agile companies it is hard not to get inspired by the scrum processes. Inspired or brainwashed your choice, but I adopted some of the scrum processes when I was the Office Manager. To have daily sta...

Monetising mobile apps
September 18, 2011

When Apple launched the iPhone in 2007, Steve Jobs said ‘every once in a while, a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything’. The industry shifted but when Apple opened up the iOS software development kit (SDK) to third...

XPath and escaping a comma
August 30, 2011

For those of you looking for the answer to how to escape a comma in an XPath text match, I’m sorry but I just don’t know it. But if you are using Capybara, have no fear, there is a way round. It was Friday afternoon and I was cleaning...

Using baselines for effective planning
August 21, 2011

I remember my first planning game well. I was very excited. Someone had just mentioned the need for a good bassline and I was about to jump up doing some serious air guitar to Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water, “man this is going to blo...

Mobilising your brand - mobile web vs native apps
July 4, 2011

Smart phones and tablets are changing the way that consumers interact with brands. No longer is it just an online web experience at the office or at home, but now consumers are making purchases, travel arrangements, checking bank statements and ex...

Pivotal Tracker Workflow
June 24, 2011

We use Pivotal Tracker quite a lot these days and I was looking around on the web for a quick image of the Pivotal Tracker Workflow.  I didn’t find much so I did a quick drawing which I thought I would share.  I might put this into...

Dealing with a moving target
May 13, 2011

We recently launched our first Social Media game, - for Contiki. It’s a Google maps integration with YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It was a challenging project on tight timescales which presented some unique problems ...

Icon or Ican't be bothered.
April 28, 2011

Picture the scene. You’ve designed and built an iPhone app. You’ve put your heart and soul into it. Years of experience have finally come to fruition; all your imagination, moxie, know-how and learning from computer science or graphic ...

I'm a ScrumMaster. Huh?
April 15, 2011

  My wife and I had a friend over for dinner last night and during conversation she asked me what it is I do. I replied that I work for a software consultancy and I’m a QA and ScrumMaster. ‘Huh?’ was the reply I got. I kno...

Kanban in the Cape - Part 2
March 23, 2011

In Part One of this blog I discussed how we set up the kanban board and the process we used to try out kanban for the first time on our own internal Timesheets application. Here is what we learned about the process. The first thing I learned, as ...

Steak vs Cucumber as BDD tools
March 13, 2011

When I joined the world of Ruby on Rails development and testing I was quite happy with all the tools and testing frameworks available, I was using a lot of them during development process. Words like Rspec and Cucumber quickly became part of my v...

Kanban in the Cape - Part 1
March 9, 2011

After reading the book ‘Kanban and Scrum - Making the most of both’ (Henrik Kniberg & Mattias Skarin, 2010), I was quite eager to give Kanban a try on a project. All I needed was a project that had fantastic clients that understand...

Production Issues and 3rd Line Support Processes
February 25, 2011

Another perfect release- this is what it’s all about, now time to kick back, cocktail in hand, bathing in the glorious glow of heaped praise as stakeholder after stakeholder thank Goldilocks and the Three Bears for managing to translate thei...

Agile Tools for the Support Team
February 25, 2011

In an ideal world there won’t be any problems in production. In an ideal world there’s a great soundtrack playing while the dev team, PMO and the business high-five one another in slow-mo.  If you’re talking about a complex ...

Git rebase
February 17, 2011

Many people new to git wonder: “what is rebasing?” and “why would I use rebase?”. Following is my attempt at an answer to those questions. Git lets you easily mess around with branches. A branch is just a set of commits wi...

Are you victim of Stockholm syndrome?
February 11, 2011

I recently listened to a podcast called ‘Developers Life’ where a couple of developers and project managers talked about some rotton projects they’d worked on and how it’s sometimes hard to get perspective and realise that ...

And now we come to the end of RubyFuza.. now
February 10, 2011

You might be wondering what’s up with the strange title. It’s just one of those conference things – you come to the end of a conference and you are on a “conference high” and cant stop reminiscing about what went on...

Has the future turned out the way it was supposed to?
January 19, 2011

Here at Unboxed, we’ve recently received delivery of a brand new lava lamp - the novelty lights that are filled with lurid oils that hypnotically swirl around. Today, it seems to me that the lava lamp’s retro styling makes them an ob...

A thought on pair programming
January 18, 2011

When discussing pair programming, I have never heard the following point of view. So I’ll just shoot and cover. Let me introduce it with an example. Imagine for a second that you have an appointment at a location you’ve never been bef...

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