Agile pon de Beach 2015 - #AgileOTB
September 9, 2015

The conference: Agile On The Beach 2015 The dates: Thursday 2nd & Friday 3rd September The attendees: Claire, Jack, Martyn, Ben and Graeme (+200 others, but we don’t have caricatures for them) 2 days. 50 speakers. 40 sessions. 1 beac...

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September 4, 2015
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August 28, 2015
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August 21, 2015
Planting the seeds for successful KPI trees
August 20, 2015

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and KPI trees were at the root of Wednesday’s Masterclass, hosted by Richard Stobart. A blend of senior digital stakeholders, product owners and digital creatives attended this one-off session to explore the answ...

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August 14, 2015
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August 7, 2015
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Communication - One Step Forward, Two Steps Slack?
August 7, 2015
It is widely assumed that software developers are introverted and quiet individuals, who like their own headspace when writing code. In my experience, this is generally true; I sometimes like to spend the whole day with my headphones in without in...
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What is the definition of ‘done’?
August 4, 2015
If you’re breaking your project up into features, then make sure you define what ‘done’ means for a feature. Consider ‘done’ in terms of: Functionally Operationally Being able to be tested automatically Automated deployments Features need t...
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July 31, 2015
Why should you have a zero-defect strategy?
July 28, 2015

Part of the logic of a zero-defect strategy is about psychology: specifically, the psychology of the developer working on code that they know is flawed. The other part of it is just good business practice… We’ve all heard many times that t...

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July 24, 2015
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July 17, 2015
Are you managing the right risks?
July 13, 2015

I was talking to a very good Project Manager the other day. We were talking about the risks that a Project Manager manages in the delivery of software. In a traditional project, the risks managed are often not actually the biggest risks that proj...

Unboxed Roundup: Our links for w/c 6th July 2015
July 10, 2015
Why a UX-er and a Developer trumps System and Business Analysts
July 6, 2015

An empowered Product Owner (who cares passionately about their product) coupled with a UXer (a User Experience designer) and a full-stack developer (who can knock up some prototypes very quickly) trumps a couple of system analysts and business ana...

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July 3, 2015
Webinar: Speed up problem and customer validation
July 2, 2015

Martyn Evans hosted the second in our SpeedAgile webinar series: Speed up problem and customer validation. In this session, Martyn explored how to unlock development by quickly and deeply understand: 1. The real problem that your digital product ...

10 things that make a great Product Owner
July 1, 2015

A good Product Owner is key in success, making a huge difference in terms of drive and enthusiasm. Here (in no particular order) we’ve pulled out 10 attributes believed to make a great Product Owner (with much insight provided by Alan). ...

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June 26, 2015
Webinar: Speed up stakeholder communication and sign off
June 25, 2015

Richard Stobart kicked off our SpeedAgile webinar series, with the first session: ‘Speed up stakeholder communication and sign off’. In this 30-minute webinar, Richard explored: Rapidly engaging and building confidence with your stakeholders Cr...

Corporate to Unboxed, Part 2 - Advanced Scrum Master Training
June 24, 2015

Following on from Part 1 in my journey - last week, I attended an Advanced Scrum Master course with Jolie, one of Unboxed’s resident (and very experienced) Scrum Masters. Coming from a corporate project management background, my focus has been ...

How does the Product Owner role change everything in software deliv...
June 22, 2015

I was having a conversation with one of our Agile coaches, who has a long history of project management delivery. We were discussing: Who owns the successful delivery of value of the features in a traditional project approach? I think the ans...

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June 19, 2015
Feature-based Benefits
June 15, 2015

Imagine you have several projects, which you’re trying to get a delivery team to deliver. Those projects are really important and there is a lot to be delivered, but they are also competing with each other for scarce resources. Typically, in a tr...

Unboxed Roundup: Our links for w/c 8th June 2015
June 12, 2015
Corporate to Unboxed, a Project Manager’s journey to Scrum Master -...
June 9, 2015

Last week, I officially started my transition from being a corporate person to becoming an Unboxed person. It’s only when you get through the front door of a place that you start to sense the true scale of cultural differences between companies....

Unboxed Roundup: Our links for w/c 1st June 2015
June 5, 2015
The Sausage Machine
June 4, 2015

We often talk about “the most important thing for a delivery team to do is…” and “what a delivery team manager should focus on is…”. Let’s get clear on who is responsible for what. If you imagine you’re trying to deliver high value, high q...

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May 29, 2015
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