AKA: Shameless Plug II.

At Unboxed Consulting we have now been developing iPhone applications for 2 years. There is another post by Borja telling you the story about one of them. That was about an Enterprise application for a client. But we also do development for the App Store, and have just released our second application.

The applications themselves are designed to help you with the Agile process.

Out first application was Planning Poker. This can be used to replace the cards you normally use during your planning sessions. So you don't have to remember to bring them along. You are likely to have your phone already. (We have one colleague who has played using his iPad. You're not going to miss his vote!) It also allows you to select from different number sequences if you don't use the fibonacci set. And if you are running the session there is a time you can use to ensure you don't spend too long on a single story. (If you prefer cards then we can help you with those too. Contact us if you are interested)

The second release just last week is Flat White. This allows you to take a photograph of a whiteboard, a flip-chart, or just about anything you may have made notes on. You don't have to be square on as one of the features allows you to mark where the corners are and it then squares up the image, before applying some contrast improvment to it. It helps if your device has a camera, although it runs on any device and can manipulate pictures in Photos.

Watch our for updates to these applications. And for our next new application. Hopefully you wont have to wait another year.