MongoDB - Andrew White

Why you should never use MongoDB

Here's an interesting blog post on why you shouldn't use MongoDB unless you've a very specific set of requirements.

A Lightweight CI Tool - Chris Blunt

Inspired to find a lightweight CI tool, I've recently been playing with Integrity, an open-source CI app built in ruby. It's relatively simple to configure, runs as a Rack app, and ties nicely into post-receive hook workflows. It integrates with popular services (Campfire, Github, etc.), as well as exposing web hooks for custom notifications. More details at

Truncating HTML Strings - Tom Sabin

Truncato, a useful library that retains valid HTML when truncating a string with HTML entities.

Excel in JavaScript - Tom Russell

Excel in 30 lines of Javascript, no library used

Jazz up your rails - Matt Peperell

Bored of waiting your your rails app to compile when running tests? Use this to alleviate the boredom. Headphones recommended.