Because sometimes these things get too long.

Brosie the Riveter

Sexism in the workplace and an amazing response.

Rails method of the week: class_attribute

Create inheritable class attributes that can be overridden.

The Stobart Awakens

I've always been confused by the different git workflows. Not quite sure how they differ added to the confusion. Last week we pointed you to Atlassian's free git gui tool this week you should read their Git Workflow Guide.

For those into devops, read Bryan Berry's First Month with Chef. The pirate and ninja analogy is poignant.

Code smells in CSS (Matt P)

Yay. Another style guide. </deadpan>. No, wait - this one is actually interesting; it's descriptive not just prescriptive.

JavaScript 1k (Matt P)

Here's a awesome visualisation written in just 1017 bytes of JavaScript