Migrating live data is a pain, use this gem to make it simpler - Tom Russell

A gem by Andrew J Vargo that aims to make live data migrations less scary. Find it here: https://github.com/ajvargo/data-migrate

A better Calendar for all - Francesca Granato

A note from Francesca : "I think the design is strong, the screen real estate is well-used, the UI is almost entirely gesture-based and the underlying premise of the app challenges the way we use calendars on our phones. Its worth checking out (although it isn't free). "

This is an awesome app and we could gain a lot from looking at it's gesture based interface.

Promotional Video

App store link


Games on the web platform - Henry Turner

The web platform is becoming more and more powerful. Artillery is a platform for the development of in-browser games.

Check it out here

How many relations could an active record model have if an active record model could chuck wood? - Jolyon Pawlyn

From Jolyon: "A second project had a requirement to display a most related models section, or even a third project if you count the 'Related Blog Posts' section on this site. A good candidate for a gem, so as a starter for 10 we have most_related."

Written by Ben Janecke