Invoice financing: faster, simpler and cheaper directly through your existing online accounting package


Many growing small businesses in the UK need to ease cash flow quickly - but it needs to be cost effective and sustainable over time. LifT is an online invoice financing solution, connecting SMEs to ‘self serve’ invoice financing directly from their existing online accounting software account, like Xero.

What LifT does for small businesses

  • Gets your invoice financed cash into your bank faster – reduces a 30 days approval process down to 5 working days
  • Makes the cost effective option of invoice financing quick and easy to access
  • Eliminates day-to-day admin
  • Eliminates errors
  • Simplifies month end

How LifT works

Connect LifT to your current online accounting package and then:

  • Find out exactly what invoice financing is available based on your actual current online accounting sales ledger
  • Automate the process of verifying debtor identity and credit history
  • Select what to invoice finance and when
  • Automate the invoice finance company’s approval process of your ledger
  • Automate monthly reporting of P&L to invoice finance company
  • Automatic reconciliation of invoice generation and payment

LifT is in the final stages of launch

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