It seems there is a lot of talk about agile testing circulating, but is it really worth it? Agile testing is a mindset. We all know mindsets can be a challenge to change, and this is no different. But what are the benefits of moving to an agile testing approach?

1. Save time and money

Prevent bugs from appearing rather than being surprised by them at the end. Involve testers from the beginning of the process to prevent this.

2. Have happier employees

Engage employees by getting rid of error-prone and boring manual regression testing. Have your testers and developers pair to create automated regression tests.

3. Delight the customer

Exceed your customer’s expectations by making sure you aren’t just building what they asked for, but you’re building something that will add value for them.

4. Improve your team’s velocity

Increase momentum within your team by removing test bottlenecks and fixing defects immediately.

These are just some of the benefits which come with adopting the agile testing approach. Contact us to learn more about agile testing and see how it can benefit you and your team.