It's Friday! tiny flag May this newsletter find you in good spirits and fill your heart with all the joys of spring.

Git commit messages - Murray

It's never a bad thing to be reminded to write good commit messages when using version control. To that end, please enjoy this lightning talk by Ryan McGeary and this blog post by Tim Pope about how to write commit messages that are good. Both links are short, but cover loads in terms of content and style.

Unit testing talk - Jolyon

Interesting talk by @damian at ScotlandJS about unit testing javascript and the benefits. The question I'd like to have asked is how best to do javascript integration testing and how to balance unit against integration testing.

Mystery links - Ben J (sorry no bio yet!)

A fun video for those who enjoy geekery and messing around. AT THE SAME TIME.

And something for the JavaScript fans - javascriptoo - a library of examples of every javascript project you should be looking into

Summer Science Exhibition - Ben W

Go and see the summer science exhibition, learn about particle physics, quantum encryption and other stuff. Ends on Sunday.

Web MIDI Support in Chrome Canary - Andy M I have been working a lot with web audio of late and one of the ares that has been lacking so far is support for MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface). In the past we have had to use browser plugins and other tricks to get access to raw control data from MIDI applications and hardware. There is no MIDI output yet but at least we can get access to data from enabled devices. So hardware control for the browser anyone?

BrowserStack Alan Thomas

This site allows you to do browser testing in over 200 OS/Browser combinations, using their (fresh each session) virtual machines.

You can also use a tunnel to check your local dev server and also features automated JavaScript testingas well as taking screenshots directly or by using a Ruby API.

Definitely easier than maintaining a bunch of virtual machines, worth a look at the free trial anyway

Obligatory off-topic item: Rationalist fan fiction of popular stories Lizard

For those who love well known stories with a rationalist twist- deliberately linking to the bottom of the page as "WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD" is my favourite- read it, you (probably) won't be disappointed ^_^

Have an awesome weekend one and all!

^..^< Lizard