Andrew White's Technical Breakfast Club

Rails Core Member and Unboxed’s CTO, Andrew White (@pixeltrix), held the first Andrew White’s Technical Breakfast Club last Wednesday morning. Developers and architects attended to hear the uncovering of the major topic, and find out the answer the question on everyone's minds: What’s coming in Rails 5.0?

The club

With the impending release of Rails 5.0 likely to be the biggest release for five years, the time has come to start thinking about migration plans. Nobody likes being left behind, nobody likes being tripped up with major releases… Enter Andrew White to guide the way.

Gathered Rails crowd

The main topics covered included:

  • Action Cable - What is it?
  • Turbolinks 3 - New features, persistent elements, partial replacement
  • Sprockets 4 - What’s changed?
  • Rails 5 - What’s under the hood, cleaning house
  • Rails API - Integration, how to prepare, big fixes, security updates

Rails insights

Other insights shared included:

Upgrade all the Rails apps

Don't worry

The session ended with a short Q&A, where members of the audience picked Andrew's brain about the bounty of new and upcoming features in Rails 5.0:


And without further ado, the slides from the session: