www: yes or no? - Murray

Turns out, there are sensible technical reasons to use www. domains. I've always prefered to redirect "www"-prefixed domains to an unprefixed version, but this site explains why that might not be such a great idea. Of course, there is a counter point argument, and a decidedly strange extremist viewpoint.

Blink and you'll miss it - Matt P

From the release notes of Firefox v 23.0: "Dropped blink effect from text-decoration: blink; and completely removed element". I'm feeling almost (but not quite) nostalgic.

Promises - Carl

http://www.promisejs.org/ An introduction and resources to help you write more maintainable asynchronous JavaScript in the pre-generator age.

When image compression fails - Matt P

Ever photocopied a page of numbers? Maybe it was subtly altered whilst being copied. This article explains how this isn't such a far-fetched scenario.

Progressive reduction - Matt P

When using an unfamiliar website it's nice to have UI hints and common areas highlighted. But when we're familar, these highlights can sometimes hinder finding the desired areas of the UI. So what's needed it a UI which learns about the user's familiarity. Here's a blog post which investigates this idea.