A controversial opinion - Murray

Flying in face of the dogma spouted by the so-called "XP" and "Agile” throught-leaders, Pat Maddox bravely provides a convincing blog post about why not to pair.

useful for integrating accessibility testing - Tom Russell

released by our friends at Nature Publishing Group: http://pa11y.org/

bridge between campfire and your IRC client - Tom Russell


A bridge between campfire and your IRC client, if you hate all the GUI clients available :)

Noduino - Andy M


I've finally looked at buying myself an arduino this week for some interactive stuff around my house, but I would rather not deal with the learning curve invovled in getting something basic up and running. Noduino offers a node framework for accessing basic Arduino controls from familiar web interfaces.

Ruby 2.1.0-preview1 released - Andy M


Ruby 2.1.0-preview1 has been released this week. Beware of following vulnerability though! https://www.ruby-lang.org/en/news/2013/11/22/heap-overflow-in-floating-point-parsing-cve-2013-4164/

Hacking your home with Ruby - Andy M


Following on from my other post here is some more cool stuff around hacking the home with Ruby. As you may have guessed, I just moved house. Let's see how tech we can make it!

Written by Grant Speelman