In all seriousness…

The Cucumbers Strike Back! (Jolyon)

Good to see the cucumberistas fighting back.

Rails 4 Update! (Murray)

In Rails 4, we'll finally be getting first class API support in ActiveRecord for the SQL not and like operators:

No word as yet on the unbelievably complex OR operator.

It take all sorts! (Matt P)

As developers,  sorting data is frequently an integral part of our work. Rails hides the implementation away, so it's rare that we need to care about the internals. But what if we're curious and do care?

Here's a link from Hungary, but no Hungarian language needed. It's a traditional dance video designed to demonstrate the Quick Sort algorithm.

If you're curious to see other sorting algorithms be visualised then the related videos should sate your appetite. For those who wonder, the algorithm used internally by Ruby is the Heap sort. Sadly that group haven't danced that one yet.

24 Ways to Impress your friends (Steve Barnett)

An advent calendar for web geeks

UXmas (Steve B)

Wishing you a great experience through the festive season:

Focal Point (Steve Barnett)

Focal point is a pure HTML/CSS adaptive image framework:

RubyJS (Steve B)

A JavaScript standard library based on the Ruby core-lib. RubyJS is a JavaScript implementation of all methods from Ruby classes like Array, String, Numbers, Time and more.

Roadmap for learning rails (Steve B)

Just for fun…

Driving in Russia (Steve B)

We've all seen those "Police, Camera, Action" programs on the T.V. well for some reason this 13 minute video somehow got left out!!

The useless Web (Steve B)

ARGGHH!!!! They're multiplying!!!

Missed High Five (Steve B)

That awkward moment when you completely misjudge a high five.

And finally…

For the geek who already has the latest tech, I'm here to tell you, you haven't! while browsing the web a couple of days ago I stumbled across what I would like Santa Claus to bring me this Christmas!

Kuratas is the first fully functioning gigantic boardable robot and has brought my childhood dream of owning my own Gundam just one step closer!!!

Written by Lee Richmond