Memory efficient Ubuntu VMs - Attila G

I wrote about virtualisation recently when I found out how to cut my virtual machines' memory consumption by as much as 50%. In this article I explain what the motivations were and how to create a low memory footprint Ubuntu server for production and development use cases. Also, my recent article that I posted on coderwall has made it into the hot articles list.

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DNS: The Good Parts - Murray S

It's been ages since I covered this stuff in the dusty past of my university course, so I enjoyed reading this refresher of how DNS works. If you've never wondered about DNS and treated it as some magic system that 'just works' this is the perfect explanation for you. Even if you do know all this stuff, it's still a good read and an example of how to explain something clearly.

Comparing case and if in ruby - Matt P

The case vs if debate in ruby is often a stylistic one. But is there a performance difference? This blog post investigates...

Microphone input to .WAV files using getUserMedia - Andy M

It's been a while since my first wander into the world of web audio, beginning with the Mozilla API. The great thing about the Mozilla API is its ability to access low level raw data and write it out to file. In the first incarnations of the Webkit Audio API this was a much harder task! This article though, shows you how to go from a sound input to lossless wav file.

The future of plush? - Ben J

Quickly switch between last-used branches in git - Jim R

Here is something I found by accident that I hadn't seen in the git docs before. It makes switching between branches a lot faster… just in case anyone else had missed it!

How easy is it to track site visitors without use of cookies? - Matt P

The answer is surprisingly easy.

Hyperaudio - Making Audio a First Class Citizen of the Web - Andy M This is an interesting discussion into the place of audio on the web and what the Web Audio API's are capable of. Not only in terms of music and sound but communication and mobile technology too!

180 websites in 180 days - Matt P

Yet another X things in X time period project! This immensely bold undertaking is chronicled in a series of blog posts by someone who started out with no coding experience whatsoever.

For the tiny little designer inside of you - Ben J

For the tiny little designer inside of you that just wishes he knew more about typography.