At LeanConf in Manchester last month, there was much talk of how one should apply Lean Startup principles and processes (with passion!), both in startups and in the enterprise, but less evidence of people actually doing it.

With this in mind we've decided to get "on the road" and tell the story of a recent Unboxed project - SH:24. Chris Howroyd and I will be presenting a long form case study at the Service Design in Government conference in March next year but I wanted to test out some of the things we might talk about before then. So I gladly accepted to an invitation to deliver a 10 minute lightning talk at the Agile Practitioners Christmas special meetup.

I decided to simply show a few pictures from the project and talk about them until I ran out of time. It was a great event, very relaxed and friendly, and the questions at the end of the session gave me some valuable insight into what people might actually like to hear about other than my ramblings.

A lovely video of the my talk, produced by event organiser Christian Heldstab, can be seen below. Let me know what you think.