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Code Retreat - Unboxed Style
July 28, 2017
A code retreat is an intensive, one day practice event whereby developers try different approaches to implementing a task following a specific set of guidelines. In our case, our code retreat consisted of 5 of one-hour sessions. In each sessio...
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Unboxed Hackathon #2 - All in an innovation day’s work
December 19, 2016
Following the success of our last Hackathon day, we decided to make this a recurring event, spending more innovation days together as a team. Last week, a group of six of us (Charlie, Chris, Elena, Jack, Neil and Tom) headed back down to Campus L...
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RubyConf Portugal 2016
November 3, 2016
RubyConf Portugal 2016 Last week an Unboxed team (consisting of Ben, Crystal, Jack and myself) visited Braga for RubyConf Portugal 2016 where we enjoyed a few days full of talks, plenty of sunshine, good chances for discussion opportunities with ...
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Unboxed Hackathon - what a difference a day makes
October 14, 2016
At Unboxed, one of the ways we are encouraged to grow and enhance our personal development is through innovation days. We are given a lot of freedom to choose what we do with them - whether that be learning a new technology, working on something o...