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Running ActionCable behind Elastic Load Balancers on AWS
March 31, 2017
We were recently tasked with adding a feature that showed the status of a IoT device as it changed. It was important that the status page updated quickly; and given we’d recently upgraded to Rails 5, this was a prime opportunity to learn Act...
Deploying indigo-falcon to production!
March 20, 2017

This isn’t my idea (it’s Ben’s) but I wanted to write it up because I think it’s interesting. I originally started this post in December as a fantasy story about train stations and animals of the Ark but couldn’t get...

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NEXT London 2016 - Google Cloud Platform's User Conference
October 28, 2016
Paula and I attended last Friday’s NEXT London 2016 - Google Cloud Platform’s User Conference - the largest Google developer and IT gathering in the UK, exploring the latest developments in cloud technology. Across the day, we attended a ...
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Development Re-bundling in Dockerland
September 5, 2016
Development Re-bundling in Dockerland When starting out development on a Dockerized application, adjusting Dockerfiles and rebuilding images is a common task. Bringing together two separate services, as well as applying some gem security patche...
Summer at Unboxed - Round Two
October 2, 2015

Just over a week ago I completed my second summer internship at Unboxed (here’s my blog post from last year’s internship). I had the opportunity to work on an assortment of projects allowing me to experience a wide range of new tools and technolog...