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Ruby Manor 4 (Matt P)

A Ruby conference based in London due to take place on April 6th. See you there!

The Accessibility Project (Steve)

A community-driven effort to make web accessibility easier. Accessiblity is really important, but often overlooked because it's a bit tricky. The A11Y Project is trying to help Front End Devs build more accessible sites. Check out the project website to get more information about their effort!

Ruby's Eigenclasses and class inheritance - (Attila)

The other day on the train back from Plymouth I was reading Metaprogramming Ruby (I know at this point Ben thinks that I'm going to flood our codebases with all the evil stuff…) Anyway, at some point Ruby's method lookup has been finally totally demystified. I think all Rubyists should know about eigenclasses to understand the Ruby Object model better. So there you have it. The Ruby object method lookup path in all its glory. Read the book, I can totally recommend it (just ignore the imaginary character that you'd suppose to be working with in the book). Also, if you want to just get to know about eigenclasses in Ruby, then head over to Andrea Singh's blog and read this post.

M for Mou, Mou for markdown - (Rob)

There is quite a few of us at Unboxed, who love markdown. It is a very easy and straightforward way to write any functional content (such as this blogpost) using minimal styling with minimal effort. If you haven't found your favourite MD editor, let me introduce you to Mou, a clever, free and awesome Markdown editor. Click on the link and see it for yourself why it is my one and only MD editor app forever.

Conditionally loaded stylesheets and asset pipeline (Pawel)

Very handy link: conditionally loading stylesheets when using the asset pipeline.

Form Follows Function - (Rob)

This site is the dream of every interaction maniac. Beautiful demos made using HTML5/JS/CSS3 including beautiful transitions and animations. Go and check it out, you'll love it!

Future crime - (Lizard)

We invite creative practitioners to imagine and design a future monetary based crime. A crime which utilises a loophole, a social convention or specific technology.

Super resize me (Rob)

Absolutely pointless time killer, but that's exactly what makes a game a good one. Resize your browser once, and you're lost in this HTML/JS/CSS game forever :)

قلب - (Matt P)

Here's a language called قلب (written as qlb in English) which is designed entirely in Arabic. Yes, this means it's written right-to-left. Way to go!

What is the resolution of my iPhone? (Rob)

I ask myself that question every single time and still won't remember the next time. This strikingly simple website gives you the answer in a blink.

Sun weather app for iPhone (Rob)

A beautifully executed fullscreen browser app for iPhone and iPad. It is heavily using gestures to perform some sleek transitions and animations between the different views.