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Deciding how to deliver your prioritised project portfolio
February 11, 2015

Once you’ve prioritised your project portfolio using the t-shirt sizing matrix, you’ll need to take some strategic decisions to unstick progress… Making decisions about Work In Progress (WIP) The theory says you should limit your work in...

Webinar: 90 days to transform a ‘stuck’ digital product that HAS to...
January 27, 2015

Richard Stobart held the first in a new webinar series, titled ‘90 days to transform a ‘stuck’ digital product that HAS to succeed…’: Topics covered included: • Roadmapping • What not to do and how to untie your hands so you’re doing...

How to prioritise a blocked portfolio of digital products
January 20, 2015

If you’re managing a pipeline of digital products and struggling to get traction on any or all of them, this exercise can help you quickly sift and prioritise what to do next – and engage your stakeholders in this decision making at the same time....

Being lean in the NHS
December 16, 2014

At LeanConf in Manchester last month, there was much talk of how one should apply Lean Startup principles and processes (with passion!), both in startups and in the enterprise, but less evidence of people actually doing it. With this in mind we&r...

Webinar: Getting to Beta
December 5, 2014

Richard Stobart held the final in the current Digital Leaders Webinar series on Wednesday titled ‘Getting to Beta: taking ‘stubborn’ products to beta in 8 weeks’. Topics covered included: Understanding Beta, knowing what you’re tr...

Webinar: Communication Ceremonies
November 24, 2014

Richard Stobart held the second instalment of our current Digital Webinar Series, titled: ‘Communication Ceremonies: why, what and how to communicate to increase the pace at early stage digital product development’. Topics covered include...

Event: What is there to know about outsourcing?
November 18, 2014

At our recent event, we discovered the ‘new rules’ of outsourcing. I opened the floor to our attendees, finding out what they really wanted to know about outsourced agile teams: When does outsourcing work really well? What are your to...

Event: Digital leaders discover the 'new rules' of outsourcing - Ag...
October 27, 2014

October saw our ‘New Rules of Outsourcing’ event take place at Skills Matter in Central London, to answer the question that was on all of our minds: ‘What are the new rules of outsourcing?’ Unboxed Friends and Family, as w...

Tactile agile for Introverts
October 22, 2014

I have been a part of Unboxed Consulting since it was just a twinkle in Richard’s eye. The times that I have been absent are directly related to family matters and there has never been a company that has attracted my attention enough to distract m...

Cognitive Bias, Product Management and you
October 13, 2014

Intro This all started for me sometime back in the late 90s. I was having a conversation with a friend that ran something like this: “I get evolution. I really do, I can see how it has worked by looking at the various species. What I don&rs...

The Outsourcing Dilemma
September 12, 2014

We asked 100 CIOs to give the first words that came into their head when they hear “outsourced development”. The top two? Fail Expensive This is predictable but problematic given that most organisations don’t have the full complement of the s...

People Matter Most!
September 9, 2014

I am not quite sure where it came from, but this is what I think happened….. One day someone in Falmouth was mulling over an SDLC exam question and thought: “I like people. I want other people to like and recognise people for what t...

The Agile LEGO village
August 12, 2014

Last week, a small team of us took part in the Introduction to Agile course, right here at Unboxed Consulting HQ. Alex Bobin, Charlie Egan, Paula Stepinska, Oskar Pearson and myself (Graeme McCubbin) all spent the day taking this internal versi...

Is agile testing worth it?
June 13, 2014

It seems there is a lot of talk about agile testing circulating, but is it really worth it? Agile testing is a mindset. We all know mindsets can be a challenge to change, and this is no different. But what are the benefits of moving to an agile te...

Dever say Dever again
June 3, 2014
How dot voting can reveal the unexpected
January 31, 2014

While facilitating a stakeholder workshop recently, I ran two rounds of grouping and ordering. One I used dot voting, one didn’t. On reflection I was surprised with the results. The question asked during these processes following a pattern of, wh...

Why failure isn’t bad, as long as you learn
December 19, 2013

Failure is sometimes seen as a bad word. When you discuss this with people, you discover it carries baggage, often from an identifiable incident where their failure was criticised by someone of influence. They are right in some ways though that fa...

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