About a week ago, I was chatting to one of my friends about his new job. He seemed to be happy, he has a great Team, a friendly and supportive manager, a nice office - overall he was very positive, with the exception of one little niggle. When he joined the company, they sold themselves as having recently starting following Agile, but once he got there, it was clear they hadn't been totally successful in its adoption. He asked me for a bit of advice on how to help make Agile really work for his Team as his search for workable solutions to specific problems had proved futile.

This got me thinking. Agile is fantastic, its a clean and straightforward methodology which works wonderfully if the business is supportive, the developers are motivated and the Team is empowered to make change. However, what if things aren't perfect?

It's a serious problem facing those who try to introduce Agile when the environment is not ideal for the process to flourish. The lack of readily available detailed information around what to do when something is not working for the Team can cause everyone to become disheartened or abandon it completely.

This is where we want to help.

Introducing @AgileAnswers.

The concept is simple. Ever wondered how to engage the quieter members of your Team in the Retrospective? Or the best way to improve your Team's estimation skills?

Email us a question around any aspect of Agile, be it process, adoption techniques or simply looking for a way to make it fit your Team, and once a week, a question will be picked from those received and answered in the blog.

Looking forward to hearing from you.