More fun links from the unboxed devs.

How Buildings Learn Episode 4 - (Ben)

A tv show about adaptable architecture - just replace 'building' with 'software' in your mind.

Twine- Interactive Fiction Writer/Visualiser - Lizard

Possibly not of interest to anyone but me, but recently I've been playing with a tool called Twine- a tool which allows interactive fiction writers see a visual map of the story as they are writing and highlights broken links in your story so it is really easy to debug. It is a lot less heavy that tools like Inform ( as you are working with interactions as opposed to mapping out full objects and I am rather enjoying working with it.

IE VMs are Back - (Murray)

MS are now providing VMs for all IE versions on various Windows versions (IE 6 on Win XP up to IE 10 on Win 8). They used to do this a while ago, but they mysteriously stopped. I think these are slightly better as they're for any host os and for OS X you get the choice of a virtualbox or vmware VM for download.

Working with rescue… - (Andrew) &&

Struggling to get access to individual jobs on your rescue queue? Today I tried to get access to my jobs to make sure that I wasn't adding lots of duplicates to my queue needlessly. After tearing hair out trying to search through my queues I found these gems (excuse the pun). Resque loner does some magic which stops duplicates being added while Resque status gives you access to the status of individual jobs. Awesome!

Social Stream 1.0 - Lee

A nice way to integrate your social network streams into a rails app

Dossier - Lee

A nice way to allow users to do reporting from a rails app

Code is Art Man... - (Murray)

Static Analysis of Rails Apps - Matt P

So Much Rage! - Matt P

The so-called 'PHP rant' did the rounds in the blogosphere last April. Here's one person hating on MySQL. Hating hard. If you can see past the vitriol, many of the points are valid and are worthy of discussion.

IPv6 exhaustion? - Matt P

IPv4 address space exhaustion is relatively well understood. What's less well known and tracked is the exhaustion of IPv6 address space. Until now, that is!

When is a Programming Feature Helpful? - Matt P

Asks this question and analyses one intriguing example. If you've not already seen it, then ( has similar weirdness and unexpectedness found in Javascript.

Devising a Strategy for Responsive Design by Jared Spool - Steve Barnett

An article about Responsive strategy by the famous UX guru.

You Keep Using That Word, I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means by Brett Jankord - Steve Barnett

Longish, but good article by Brett covering Progressive Enhancement, Graceful Degradation, Responsive Web Design, Mobile First, and RESS, with lots of examples and additional resources. Great for newbies or for a quick refresher.

Modern.IE - Steve Barnett

A new tool from Microsoft: "Testing for Internt Explorer just got a little easier."

Text descriptions and emotion rich images by Léonie Watson - Steve Barnett

A brief article about the importance of good alt text in the context of rich content. "Emotion rich images are important to blind people, particularly those who once had sight."

Responsive Design on a Budget - Steve Barnett

Fantastic article from Clearleft suggesting the setting of a total page size ‘budget’. I endorse this message.

More women in engineering: something that actually worked. - Steve Barnett

Slides from a presentation by Kellan Elliot-McCrea about getting a better gender balance on a team.

Flat Design: a showcase of flat UI design - Steve Barnett

Content & Chrome: a collection of the best examples of modern User Interface design. - Steve Barnett

Junkyard Jumbotron - Steve Barnett

An amazing(ly simple) project at MIT for multi-screen display.

Google Street Scene - Steve Barnett

Moments from cinema captured by Google Street View cameras.